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Become a Chaevi Fast Charger Reseller

Are you passionate about electric vehicles and the future of sustainable mobility? Are you seeking an opportunity to grow your business while contributing to a cleaner, greener future? Become a Chaevi fast charger reseller!

Chaevi is an industry leader in electric vehicle charging stations, offering innovative and reliable solutions. By becoming a Chaevi reseller, you’ll have access to top-quality products designed to meet the fast charging needs of today’s electric vehicles.

As a Chaevi reseller, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits, including:

Electrify Your Future
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Why choose ArtiZana for your charging needs?

Optimal Performance

Our fast charging stations are designed to deliver cutting-edge performance, ensuring fast and reliable charging with every use.

Universal Compatibility

With CCS-1 compatibility and a user-friendly interface, our charging station can be used by a variety of vehicles, providing a universal charging solution.

Reliability and Durability

Built for maximum durability, our stations are engineered to withstand heavy usage while maintaining optimal performance.

Energy Star Certified

Our fast charging stations are Energy Star certified, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Speed, Simplicity, Cost-effectiveness

The benefits of our fast charging stations

FILE PHOTO: A Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric vehicle is charged at Chaevi Stay Charging Station in Seoul, South Korea, October 18, 2023.   REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji/File Photo

Fast Charging

With a charging capacity of 180 kW and 400 kW, our stations ensure fast and efficient charging, allowing your electric vehicles to get back on the road in record time, minimizing downtime.


Equipped with an intuitive user interface and advanced features such as the Plug and Charge (PnC) function, our charging stations make the charging process simple and convenient.


Thanks to grants like Transportez Vert and ZEVIP, save on the installation of our fast charging stations while investing in electric mobility.

Commercial Attractiveness

Offer your customers a competitive advantage by providing fast charging services, attracting new customers while retaining existing ones.

Partner with ArtiZana

Looking for top-quality EV charging stations to offer your customers? Partner with ArtiZana, an authorized distributor of Chaevi products. Benefit from fast and reliable chargers designed to meet the growing needs of electric vehicles. With our expertise, commitment to innovation, and exceptional customer service, become one of our trusted partners in the transition to sustainable mobility.
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Grants and Environmental Benefits

Discover the benefits of grants for electric mobility with ArtiZana. Get financial support for installing EV charging stations through programs like Transportez vert and ZEVIP, along with other government initiatives. Our Energy Star certified products provide eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for your EV charging needs in North America, ensuring a sustainable, efficient, and profitable transition.
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