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Illuminate Your Future

Discover our DLC Premium certified lights, a guarantee of quality and assured return on investment!

Available exclusively in the province of Quebec (Canada)

In addition to our electric vehicle charging solutions, ArtiZana offers a complete range of LED lighting to meet your needs for efficient and eco-friendly commercial lighting. Our products are designed to provide optimal brightness while reducing your environmental footprint.

Benefits of switching to Light Emitting Diode are numerous: extended lifespan, reduced energy consumption, improved lighting, and enhanced aesthetics. With financial support of up to 90% of eligible costs, transitioning to LED lighting with ArtiZana is not only environmentally friendly but also economically advantageous.

Why Choose ArtiZana?

Superior Durability

LED lights offer a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than traditional lighting fixtures.

Energy Savings

Reduce your energy consumption while maintaining optimal light intensity with LED lighting.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Enjoy quality lighting with a more modern and attractive appearance for your space.
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Bright and eco-friendly environment
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LED Lighting Benefits

Extended Lifespan

LED lights are known for their longevity, offering a much longer lifespan than traditional light sources. Enjoy reliable and durable lighting that requires less replacement and maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights consume less energy to produce the same light intensity as traditional lighting. Reduce your energy consumption and costs while contributing to environmental preservation.

Enhanced Aesthetics

With their modern design and uniform light, LED lights provide an enhanced aesthetic to any environment. Create a pleasant and welcoming lighting ambiance with our products.

Less Maintenance

Thanks to their durability and reliability, LED lights require less maintenance compared to traditional fixtures. Reduce maintenance costs and benefit from a low-maintenance lighting solution.

Ecological and Cost-Effective Investment

Switch to LED lighting and benefit from a quick return on investment. Our eco-friendly solutions are accompanied by a subsidy of up to 90% from Hydro-Québec, offering significant energy savings for your business. Transform your space with a durable and cost-effective lighting solution.

Maximize Your Lighting with ArtiZana

ArtiZana offers a complete range of LED lighting for your business, ensuring optimal brightness and reduced environmental footprint. Our DLC Premium certified products include 4' linear fixtures, sports lights, LED panels, and much more to meet all your lighting needs.

Subsidies and Ecological Benefits

Discover benefits of subsidies for eco-friendly lighting with ArtiZana. Opt for an ecological and cost-effective solution for your business.
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Our Lighting Products

For a Sustainable Lighting Solution.

4' Fixtures

Our 4' fixtures offer a versatile solution for a variety of applications, with waterproof and linear options to meet your specific lighting needs.

High Bays

Discover our powerful and efficient high bays, designed to provide optimal brightness in demanding industrial and commercial environments.


Opt for our elegant and eco-friendly LED panels, available in a variety of sizes to suit your commercial lighting needs.

Sports lights

Illuminate your sports fields with our high-performance sports lights, offering exceptional visibility for day and night events.


Replace your traditional fluorescent tubes with our efficient and durable LED tubes, offering superior light quality and reduced energy consumption.

Projectors - Flood lights - Wall Packs

Our projectors, flood lights, and wall packs offer powerful and uniform illumination, ideal for lighting outdoor spaces such as parking lots and building facades.